Instructions for use of foam gun

1. The spray angle adjustment handle is used to adjust the spray angle of the sprayed foam liquid, which can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the needs of the user.
2. Pressure regulating valve: the air adjustment knob is used to adjust the amount of air intake. The larger the air intake, the less detergent will be sucked in. When it is completely closed, the liquid absorption will be the largest. The liquid volume is the smallest, basically does not absorb liquid. Once the user adjusts the knob, the mixing ratio of water and detergent is fixed.
3. When you increase or decrease the pumping pressure of the washing machine, the flow rate of the pump will change accordingly, and the suction amount of the cleaning liquid will also change accordingly. Generally, the pumping pressure of the washing machine reaches more than 50 BAR, just There will be a liquid absorption effect, but I suggest you use this product with a pump pressure above 80BAR, so that the cleaning effect can be fully manifested.
4. The greater the pressure of the foam pot of the imported filter, the better and richer the foam effect. It is recommended to use more than 6 car wash machines.