Safety matters to know when using pneumatic tools

1. The pneumatic tools used must be qualified products with a certificate issued by the manufacturer.
2. Before using each pneumatic tool, read the instructions carefully and be familiar with the specified operating procedures and precautions in the instructions.
3. The connecting pipe joint of the pneumatic power source must be connected firmly and reliably.
4. The pressure strength of the connecting conduit of the aerodynamic source should not be less than the gas pressure used.
5. The pneumatic tools used must be equipped with an aerodynamic source according to the air pressure and displacement requirements specified in the manual. It is strictly forbidden to use an aerodynamic source exceeding the specified pressure.
6. Pneumatic tools must use compressed air as the aerodynamic source, and it is strictly prohibited to use oxygen, acetylene and other compressed gases as the power source.
7. Before using pneumatic tools, carefully check the connection of pneumatic tools and the configuration of pneumatic power source according to the above requirements.
8. When using pneumatic tools, you must concentrate on the operating handle and press the jog test to confirm that the steering is correct before you can slowly press the open button to work.
9. When the resistance suddenly increases, when the stall occurs or the speed decreases, the start button should be released immediately to stop the work, so as not to sprain the wrist or damage the tools and workpieces.
10. After use, the aerodynamic source should be turned off in time; the pneumatic tools that are not used for a long time should be disassembled and placed in the tool box for proper storage. It is strictly prohibited to pour coal slag and other debris into the trachea to block the gas source channel.