Professional car exterior cleaning method

The tools/materials needed for professional car cleaning are as follows:
Water gun for flushing
Neutral detergent
Interior cleaning agent
Cloth for wiping water stains and glass
Brush for cleaning tire wheels
Small wet and dry car washing machine
1. Spray wet. You can use the car washing machine to spray the car evenly from top to bottom, subject to the dampness of the mud on the car body.
2. Spray washing. Use the car washing machine to spray and rinse from top to bottom. Function-flush more than 90% of the dirt on the car body! Scrub. Use a car wash sponge to wipe the car wash liquid (neutral is better) evenly on the car body, rub more dirty areas. Then use a spray gun to rinse the car wash liquid clean.
3. Wipe dry. Use a dry clean car wiping towel to dry the body water.
The weather and environment of the car wash are exquisite. It is not advisable to wash the car in the scorching sun and very cold weather. When washing the car, try to wash the car on a sunny day without wind.
Car wash process. The correct car washing process should be to wash the roof first, then wash the front machine cover, the rear cover, and then the car wash skirts, and finally wash the tires.
Maintain a moderate car wash frequency. Cars in normal use should be washed once a week. If possible, they can be washed 2-3 times a week. Car washing should not be too frequent or left unwashed for a long time.