Guide to cleaning method of automobile wheel hub

Car wheels are equivalent to the shoes on our own feet. If the shoes are dirty, we will feel shameless. Dirty wheels of the same car will also reduce the quality of the car. Nowadays, the wheels of cars are mostly made of aluminum alloy. To keep the appearance of the wheels beautiful, in addition to being extra careful to prevent accidental damage to the wheels during driving, the wheels should be maintained and maintained regularly.
When a car is running, the brake pads will produce a large amount of black powder during friction. Such black brake powder and various stains from the road surface will be attached to the wheel hub. If there is time, it should be cleaned regularly, otherwise these attachments will be prolonged. It will get into the paint and it is difficult to clean. So what methods do you use to clean wheels? Which tools or cleaning agents are used? Do you know what are the precautions when cleaning wheels? Today I will share with you the cleaning effects of Almighty Water and Wheel Cleaner. . Before the test, we still need to prepare disposable gloves, clean water, toothbrushes, and sponges. Only with these tools can we complete the arduous task of cleaning wheels. Of course, the effect will be better if we add a cleaning gun!
Introduction to analysis of wheel cleaner
■Almighty water
Almighty water is also a common household cleaner. Although it is a name, there are many different formulas for different stains, and even different brands of formulas are not the same, but it is somewhat certain that Almighty water is a chemical synthesis reagent. Be sure to explain your purpose to the merchant before buying. If the formula of the all-around water you buy is not correct, it is likely to have poor cleaning ability or cause corrosion to the wheel hub.
Using the same steps to clean the wheel hub with all-purpose water, the final effect is not bad. The brake powder is basically cleaned, but there are still some stubborn rust stains that cannot be completely removed.
■Wheel cleaner (removes wheel brake powder and stains)
This wheel cleaner is the most professional and symptomatic cleaner in this test. The self-spraying tank design is also very convenient to use. Just open the lid, shake the reagent in the tank, and spray it on the part that needs to be cleaned. Just out.
The effect of the wheel cleaner is similar to that of the foam cleaner. After spraying, it will react with the dirt on the surface of the wheel and produce a lot of bubbles.
As the bubbles are generated, the stains will also be dissolved and follow the detergent to flow out.
The professional wheel cleaner has no sexually pungent smell when used, and the cleaning effect is very obvious. The brake powder and rust stains can be removed, and the action time is short, and the operation is convenient. For the maintenance and cleaning of the wheel hub, if there are not many stains on the wheel hub, it can be cleaned and rinsed with clean water and a sponge brush first. When there are stains that are difficult to remove on the surface of the hub, use a professional cleaning agent, such as a hub cleaning agent or iron powder remover. This cleaning agent can effectively remove the stains, but there will still be some corrosion to the outer coating of the hub. Pay attention to rinse after cleaning. In addition, the wheel hub itself has a metal protective film, so be careful not to use paint brightener or other abrasive materials when cleaning.